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Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, curious lens.

     Years after my own Mindfulness transformation, I wanted to offer help to others who were suffering from depression, anxiety and pain. Because of my experience and expertise in the music industry, I focused my efforts there.  During this time my Brother was struggling with physical ailments and his Aspergers.  I reached out to him and together, we spent the last two years of his life practicing mindfulness.  I didn't realize, at that time, but I had developed a mindfulness program and practice for those on the Spectrum.


Faithe Raphael suffered from cluster headaches most of her adult life. She tried yoga and meditation but only partially found relief. It wasn't until she became a devoted practitioner in mindfulness that her life started to change.


People are busy nowadays more than ever. Faithe has designed two programs to support busy people who want the most out of their experience.  Each program takes into account your personal needs, goals and desired outcomes.

Dani M.

Music Executive

During Covid-19, I found myself dealing with more anxiety and worry than I had ever experienced before. I, like many people, had heard about the benefits of “mindfulness” but it seemed too “crunchy” for me. I also didn’t think I could devote the time necessary.

Working with Faithe has absolutely changed my perspective and ability to cope.  Now, when I feel my body going into flight, fright, or freeze mode, I calmly pause what I’m doing to take a few deep breaths. I remember the centering techniques Faithe has shown me and after a few minutes, I feel refreshed and more energized to deal with whatever comes my way.  I cannot recommend her enough!” 

Norm R.


After struggling off & on for months trying to develop a regular mindfulness practice on my own, the process left me deflated & ultimately more stressed. I was never able to clear my mind or get into a state that allowed me to feel the benefits.

After speaking with Faithe, I instantly knew she was it, an immediate feeling of warmth & compassion. I wasn’t talking to a salesperson, but a person who put their clients first & genuinely wants to help people find that place of inner peace & contentment. Faithe’s gentle unwavering presence & encouragement brought me right to where I needed to be.

I have recommended to numerous friends & family alike!

Marcia L.

Freelance Artist

I’m so thankful to have had Faithe as my mindfulness coach! Having her guide me through meditation exercises for 10 consecutive days was a wonderful, eye-opening experience. As one who had never really tried meditation, I wasn’t sure how I would react – if I could get in the “zone”, and if frankly, I would find the whole thing “stupid”. But that was far from the case.

With Faithe, I was able to immediately relax and let my mind quiet itself. I enjoyed our conversation regarding the process and discussing how I felt both during and afterwards. I also appreciated the exercise of keeping a gratitude journal and putting in writing, each day. It made me appreciate and highlight the importance of the multitude of good things happening daily. Thank you, Faithe, for your expertise.

The Rock Stars of Neuroscience

After Faithe learned about Mindfulness, she took pen to paper to talk about her family experiences.  Faithe, a pioneer in the music industry, was no stranger in helping others deal with mental illness and addiction.  Over the years she learned a great deal and wanted to share that with others.  This book cronicles her family's struggles and those with whom she worked in the music industry.

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